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First Time Tips to go to Singapore

What things do you need to know about Singapore to make your vacation more smoothly? Well if you are planning to take a vacation to Singapore but you do not know what to prepare and who will guide you there?
Therefore it would be better if you hire the services of singapore attractions ticket to get guidance as well as affordable tickets. Apart from that, here’s some information that tourists would need when on holiday to Singapore!

What should I bring?
Singapore is a fairly warm city. The temperature range is about 27 to 31 degrees centigrade. For that, it would be better if you wear clothing made of cotton that easily absorbs sweat. However, if you will be more active in the mall to shop, better use clothes a little thicker because of the temperature in the mall cool enough. Rainfall is quite a lot, so bring comfortable shoes or sandals where you still feel ok even though your shoes are wet.

Where is the best place to buy souvenirs?
• Chinatown provides souvenirs ranging from key chains, mugs, T-shirts and also fine handcrafts such as Chinese beads afternoon bags and shoes, fan, Chinese antique house decoration items, silk scarves, etc.
• Little India for indigenous spices of India, jewelry, and fabrics

Is it safe for food at Hawker centers or a food court?
Singapore has a high standard of hygiene, all food places are required to display health certificates issued by health authorities, ratings from A (being the best) to D.

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