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Things that you need to prepare for a disaster

If you think that the society will go into a state of chaos after it’s being struck by a disaster, then preparing anything that you will need before the dark days arrive will be beneficial for you. There are a lot of resources that will not be available in many cities and suburbs after a disaster hits your country. You definitely need to prepare crucial things like food supply, some water, and also emergency power source just like off grid solar system. These preparations will definitely help your family to last longer, while you can also provide some help for your neighborhood as well.

Make sure you’ve got enough food and water

When the supply chain from the farms to the cities and town has been cut off due to a disaster, you can expect that people will start to pillage the logistics from abandoned malls and supermarkets. You should also prepare that some people may think to invade your own store or house just to get some food or water. Make sure you’re hiding your supply well, and never show to anyone that you can’t trust the signs of having any food or water. This way, you will be able to last longer without worrying about food and water.

Install some backup power systems and generators

Installing some solar systems or wind turbines can help you a lot during the difficult times. If your house is located near a river, installing a hydro-powered generator can be a good idea as well. This way, you will get the necessary power from multiple sources, and this can save your family from many problems during the darkest hours after the recent disaster.

Prepare some weapons

Guns, machete, and even martial arts can help your family to survive from a lot of danger. People will go desperately during the difficult times, and some of them will not hesitate to attack your family just to survive. Preparing some weapons and teaching your family some martial arts will be a big help for them, so you and your family will have the higher chance of survival when the society goes dark.