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The secret behind Touch ID Sensor Features iPhone 5S that you have to know!

Apple brings fingerprint sensor features to the iPhone 5S, and it called Touch ID Sensor. The presence of this feature itself has been busy talking even before Apple introduced it. With this feature, Apple offers security systems that are much more secure and comfortable, but still easy and simple. Nevertheless, behind the positive things offered by Apple, there are also negative things that still occur in the product. One of them is the iPhone screen who is easily damaged. Well if you are one of the iPhone users and are experiencing it then it would be better if you immediately go to a trusted iPhone service so that your iPhone can be handled immediately. One of the recommended service places is break fix now. You can go directly to the website at to get more details about iphone 5s screen repair.

Apart from that, some of you may just know that Touch ID Sensor is used as a feature to scan our finger only. But did you know that there are other interesting things about this feature? Well, here’s another interesting thing about Touch ID Sensor!

System Support Slide To Unlock and Passcode
When the iPhone event yesterday Apple confirmed that Touch ID Sensor you can use to access the iPhone 5S without the need to slide to unlock or input passcode. Not only that, by simply pasting one of your fingers to the home button, you can also confirm your password from AppleID, when making a purchase in the iTunes Store.

Fingerprint Data Saved Inside iPhone 5S Chip
Confidentiality of the user becomes quite a complicated concern with the presence of Touch ID Sensor. Based on Apple’s account yesterday, data from your fingerprint will not be stored in iCloud storage or servers, but your fingerprints will be stored inside the iPhone 5S chip that is secure and encrypted.

Features That Will Make Hackers Difficult
Hackers will not be able to access the fingerprint, even though it already has access to the chip and reverse engineering or reverse engineering of the data.

Accommodating up to 5 Fingerprint Data
You can register all the fingers in your left or right hand into the Touch ID Sensor in iPhone 5S. Not only that, you can also enroll fingerprints from 5 members of your family into it.

Scan Without Fear Home Button Scratched
With the use of sapphire material on the iPhone 5S home button, Apple wants to reduce the risk of defects that may be caused by custom fingerprint scans. Safire itself has a very high level of durability against scratches.

Have A Role To Revolutionize The Future
Though unopened for third parties, Touch ID Sensor promises a bright and compelling future for our potential users. Imagine verifying payments with your fingerprint sensor, inserting ATM pins with fingerprints, and more.