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Tips for the easier packing when moving your house

According to my experience, these tips are very useful in moving home especially moving its different city, if it moved his house is still in the same city also these tips can be used. Because I never witnessed myself when my sister moved home with the way of origin and move goods. Well, the new house that had been cleaned up empty time turned into a mess. Piles of goods, cleaning the house so extra tired but assisted by many people. even 2 days moving home is not finished. Meanwhile, you can also check out We Like To Move It, Move It!!

While moving the house for me to be more lightly, I only assisted a maid in the pack, when transporting goods to and from the truck is usually the same truck we rent. Husband’s job is also not disturbed because I have to help-help me packing. And certainly, my people do not feel at home if dirty house especially messy. Now with tips for packing your stuff without making your house messy. What is certain when it comes to the new house was the process of dismantling the goods were kept neat and faster.

Let’s get started … here are the tips that you must know:

1. Prepare large cardboard boxes, I myself deliberately buy .. when purchasing empty cardboard used to look for a box that is still good alias ga a lot of torn if I happen to get cardboards from a former office chair height 1 meter more and width 1meter.

2. Get used to moving our homes have been washing things that will be in the pack such as bedcover, curtains, fur rugs, cushions, and bolsters. After washing and dry let wrapped plastic though it will be packaged in the cardboard.

3. At the time of start packing prepare the tape so that the goods and cardboard are wrapped neatly and avoid packing goods exceed the capacity of its cardboard closing limit so that more easily in the arrangement and stacked in the truck transport.

4. Upon arriving at the new house, open the duct tape with a cutter to keep the cardboard tidy and still be kept in case the need for moving again. So if we move again no need to buy more boxes.

5. Packing moving goods is the event we sort and choose items that are not used anymore so we move to a new house already ga bring unused goods alias do not bring garbage.