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Dark Side of Vitamin and Multivitamin

Multivitamin is needed to provide some vitamin, vitality and essential nutrition for our body and you can get that by visiting, however, the political policy made exaggerations for the meaning of multivitamins. Unusual research results to promote new kind of multivitamins supplement that somehow claim can prevent some disease. This makes the purpose of multivitamin change from health awareness to profit oriented.

This condition will not become better if the organization, government and other parties that connected to this field did not see the fault and do not change. The only things we can do as a consumer is to become aware and selective to choose a multivitamin supplement that fits our body. The healthier our body the fewer drugs we will use so it might be an ‘opening eyes’ for those organization, government and other parties that take a part into this industry to change the mindset an release essential multivitamin products.