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When you set the fridge’s temperature too low

Actually, the ice frost indicates that the refrigerator is in cold and normal condition. This does not only happen in the 1-door refrigerator, even for the 2-door refrigerator type and other cooling devices such as the freezer box will experience it. However, usually more often ice frost until on the refrigerator with a door. It’s usually caused by the temperature which has been set too low from the thermostat. Meanwhile, you may also check out to buy thermostats online.

Well, here are some reasons why the refrigerator 1 door there is a frost that is sometimes quite disturbing. The reason, we also become difficult to take ice cubes or other foods.

Setting Temperature Temperature Too Low

The result of the process of change from high pressure to low pressure on the compressor turns into a cold temperature will be accommodated on the evaporator. The duration of the compressor works to cool the room inside the refrigerator determined by the thermostat. Thus, the more we regulate the lowest temperature on the thermostat the compressor is also working longer.

Surely it causes the evaporator to condense, and the dew will become the frost from the ice because the temperature is very low.