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What is satellite internet?

Along with the development of the times, the internet is not a difficult thing in the search because the average current societies really need the presence of the internet to help his work. To get internet network then you have to connect it with internet provider or internet satelit.

Speaking of satellite internet, as your information Satellite Internet is an internet service that uses VSAT and telecommunication satellites as a liaison between customers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). This internet network does not use a cable like an internet service in general. To use satellite internet, of course, you have to subscribe to satellite internet service first.

First of all, the customer must have a VSAT antenna that can connect to the central operator antenna or ISP satellite internet. Other VSAT devices are also needed for the satellite Internet system to work. All these devices are generally sold or leased by ISP satellite internet.

This VSAT antenna must be connected to the ISP network because they are actually connected to the internet. You pay monthly subscription fees to ISPs so they will “share” their internet connection bandwidth with you.

So that later you can understand the workings of satellite internet, I think you should understand some things first, better if you want to read the article I made about the components, advantages, and disadvantages of VSAT.