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Tartar Can Cause Heart Disease

The presence of tartar makes the process of brushing and flossing to be no longer effective. Disorders of this tooth will facilitate the process of breaking tooth enamel caused by acid released by oral bacteria. This will facilitate the emergence of cavities or tooth decay. You need to visit General Dentists in Chicago, IL to get treatment.

Another dangerous effect is the risk of heart disease and stroke that seems to be related to gum health. Suspected, bacteria and microorganisms found in dental plaque can enter the blood tissue. These conditions can make the arteries clogged. If blood flow is blocked, then the risk of getting heart disease and stroke is thought to be higher.

When the body’s defense system reacts to the resistance of bacteria in the bag, the bacteria will also release self-defense substances. As a result, the bones of teeth and other tissues around it can be damaged. If it continues, then be prepared to lose teeth, as well as the depletion of bone strength in which the teeth are embedded.

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